Greenline for you

Greenline Hybrid is the best choice for couples who like to entertain friends, small families, experienced yachtsmen, hardened sailors or even for newcomers to boating. Truly the yacht for everyone.

For your well-being on board

Combining ease of handling and unmatched safety & seaworthiness, Greenline Hybrid provides you with all the comforts of being at home, guaranteeing peace of mind and well-being on board your yacht at all times.

For the oceans, lakes rivers...

Greenline Hybrid will take you to the world’s most attractive cruising areas with ease – inland waterways, lakes, rivers, or out to sea.


Protecting the environment
- and yourself

Greenline Hybrid sails without smoke, noise, or waves while in electric mode, drastically reducing the amount of fossil fuel used during a boating season. The quietest yacht on the market.

Diesel or electric yacht

Take advantage of Greenline’s hybrid technology. All it takes is a flip of a switch to turn a diesel-driven boat into full electric and back. Straightforward and simple. This yacht works for everyone.

Supplying 230 (120) volt power
at all times

230 (120) V AC power at all times enables extensive use of domestic appliances and recreates the comfort of your own home. Sail around on your boat and experience the comforts of a refrigerator, a microwave oven, TV’s, computers, or even an A/C unit. You will forget you are even on a yacht.



With all the comforts of home and the spaciousness you would only expect from a much bigger yacht, you won’t have to look for reasons to extend your boating trip.

Seaworthy yacht

With its hybrid propulsion system (protected), solar roof panels, seaworthy and low-drag superdisplacement hull (protected), and unparalleled comfort, this yacht is ready to meet any challenge.


Greenline Hybrid respects the sea and our best boating traditions.